All We Need Are a Couple Wee Little Speakers. . .

by wjw on November 7, 2007

“Physicists at the University of California, Berkeley, have built
the world’s smallest radio out of single carbon nanotube one ten-thousandth the width of a human hair.

“Researchers say the tiny radio needs only a battery and a pair of
earphones to hook listeners up with their favorite radio stations. But that’s not all the new device could be good for.

“The radio’s tiny size could make cell phones more efficient, or it even
could be used in radio-controlled devices that flow through the human blood stream, according to a paper written in part by team leader Alex Zettl, a U.C. Berkeley professor of physics. Zettl also noted that he hopes to use the radio to replace cumbersome devices used today to identify atoms or even measure their mass, since the new radio can pick up on atoms jumping on and off the tip of the nanotube. “

For the rest of the story, check this out.

Bruce November 12, 2007 at 7:56 pm

Miniaturization is on my own mind recently, since the gastro-doc I saw last week wants me to swallow one of those pill-sized cameras that takes snapshots of your entire intestinal track.

(I wonder if anyone’s ever posted a Flickr set from one of those? Do I really want to know?)

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