The Surgeon’s Tale

by wjw on November 15, 2007

My Taos Toolbox student, Cat Rambo, has a book!
Just in time for the holidays, the perfect gift for lovers of dark fantasy…
And Other Stories

By Cat Rambo & Jeff VanderMeer
Order at

The Surgeon’s Tale & Other Stories is the first book by exciting new talent Cat Rambo, in collaboration with World Fantasy Award winner Jeff VanderMeer. Enter a world of rat suitors, severed arms, and Fungi Et Fruits de Mer, served up with prose both appetizing and uncanny. Dark Fantasy has never been quite so decadent. This book of six stories includes “The Surgeon’s Tale”, “The Dead Girl’s Wedding March”, “The Farmer’s Cat,” “A Key Decides Its Destiny,” “Three Sons,” and “The Strange Case of the Lovecraft Café”.
Once Upon a Time…
There was a surgeon with a terrible obsession
who befriended a dead girl in a strange underground city
from whence came the trolls that made the farmer’s cat mad,
and which manifested itself on the surface in the form of both
the heart of a dark and sinister enchanter
and an eccentric, damned cafe.
No one lived happily ever after,
but some of them did, indeed, live.
John Barth has described Cat Rambo’s writings as “works of urban mythopoeia”—her stories take place in a universe where chickens aid the lovelorn, Death is just another face on the train, and a rodent’s wooing can affect an entire subterranean city. Rambo’s stories have been appearing for the last few years in Subterranean Magazine, Clarkesworld, and Strange Horizons, with work forthcoming in Weird Tales and Asimov’s SF Magazine. She also recently became co-editor of the highly-praised Fantasy magazine. Her website can be found at
Jeff VanderMeer is a two-time World Fantasy Award winner whose latest novel is Shriek: An Afterword. His short fiction has been translated into fifeen languages and adapted by Sony Playstation into an animation by Joel Veitch. For more information on his work, visit and
Featuring a cover by Starchild creator James Owen and interior art by New York artist Kris Dikeman.

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