A Brief but Definitive Incursion of Real Life

by wjw on May 19, 2008

So I returned from my idyllic week in the mountains to this:

1. A refrigerator that has more or less given up the ghost.
2. The dryer, ditto.
3. A cat with a serious, serious, serious attack of diarrhea. (You do not want me to post a cute cat picture here, no you don’t.)
4. An elderly man afflicted with Alzheimer’s wandering lost in my front yard.

Dealt with thus:

1. A new refrigerator arrives on Wednesday.
2. The repairman will be called next week, after I get back from Balticon.
3. Trip to the vet.
4. Reminding the old gent where he lives, and steering him there.

On Wednesday I leave for Balticon and, umm, some other stuff, so all crises must be dealt with by Tuesday, on pain of, well, causing me a lot of pain.

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