Muscular Academics

by wjw on September 19, 2011

The web site of Trinity College, Dublin, has been vastly improved by the presence of a new English professor, one Conan T. Barbarian, Ph.D.  (I could have sworn his middle initial was D.)

According to the professor’s biography: Dr Conan T. Barbarian was ripped from his mother’s womb on the corpse-strewn battlefields of his war-torn homeland, Cimmeria, and has been preparing for academic life ever since . . .

He completed his PhD, entitled “To Hear The Lamentation of Their Women: Constructions of Masculinity in Contemporary Zamoran Literature” at UCD and was appointed to the School of English in 2006, after sucessfully decapitating his predecessor during a bloody battle which will long be remembered in legend and song. In 2011/12, he will be teaching on the following courses: “The Relevance of Crom in the Modern World”, “Theories of Literature”, “Vengeance for Beginners”, “Deciphering the Riddle of Steel” and “D.H. Lawrence”.

The biography seems to have vanished from its original home on the Trinity site, no doubt the result of a hostile action by archenemy Thulsa Doom.  But the original page has been archived, fortunately.

Could have really used this guy back when I was an academic, Lord knows . . .

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