Not Easy Being Green

by wjw on June 26, 2013

Marvel Comics isn’t content, apparently, with conquering the world of cinema.  Now Marvel has its sights set on . . . romance fiction!

What in the name of Millie the Model is this?  It’s double-barreled chick-lit, in the form of books featuring the romantic adventures of She-Hulk and Rogue.

While I don’t know much about these particular characters, I can nevertheless imagine their romantic lives would be, well, fraught.  The average Joe might be wary of ladies who can hulk out and turn into rampaging green steroid monsters; and as for Rogue, any skin-to-skin contact results in death!  Not a lot of guys want to don a full-body condom  for just a goodnight kiss.

Do She-Hulk and Rogue earn themselves an HEA, or just endless heartache?  Check it out and see.

John F. MacMichael June 26, 2013 at 7:01 am

“Not a lot of guys want to don a full-body condom for just a goodnight kiss.”

Hmm, some nut with a latex fetish might well go for it.

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