Two Good Causes

by wjw on June 15, 2013

Hey writers!  The Clarion Writers’ Workshop is having their annual write-a-thon beginning June 23.  You write, and other folks pledge money depending on how much you write during the six-week period.  Everybody benefits, because you get something  written, and Clarion earns a few bucks.  Check it out!

A few years ago, I attended Launchpad, the science workshop for SF writers, in which I and a score of other writers spent a week learning astronomy from writer-astronomer Mike Brotherton.  Launchpad was funded by NSF and NASA grants, but those have dried up, and now Mike’s running a Kickstarter campaign at Rockethub.  Since I think it’s a good idea for science fiction writers to actually know science, I gotta recommend this.  Plus, if you contribute, you get books an’ stuff! What’s not to like?

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