The Sex Organs of Parasites . . .

by wjw on December 4, 2013

orchids. . . or. if you prefer, orchids.

This picture was taken in the National Orchid Garden in Singapore, where hundreds if not thousands of unique orchid varieties are on display.  Some are named after politicians or celebrities who visited the gardens.  (The one named after Margaret Thatcher looked quite spiky.  I suspect political commentary on the part of the hybridizer, or whatever it is you call people who invent new orchids.)

This is one of the photos visible in our new calendar for 2014, which costs a mere $18.99 and featured pictures of Singapore, Yorkshire, Jacksonville, Sulawesi, and other locations visited over the last twelvemonth.

I don’t make any money on these calendars, I just create them for the amusement of my friends, and of myself.

And you’ll need a calendar, so you might as well buy this one.  I’ve seen it, and it’s pretty, and it features not only US holidays, but those of our friends in Canada, Mexico, and Great Britain.

Check it out.

Oz December 5, 2013 at 12:52 pm

If you order RIGHT NOW and have a lulu account, you can get free shipping (see top banner) and, if you have the right code, 25% off. And it will arrive by Xmas.


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