Brides on the Beach

by wjw on March 22, 2015

Kathy’s workshop is over, and we’re now spending a couple nights in Waikiki before heading

Today (Saturday) the town was full of Japanese brides being photographed in front of iconic local sites.  When we ate at Orchids, we shared the restaurant with several large bridal parties.  I took any number of photos of cute Japanes couples.  I guess Saturday is the big wedding day because the family and friends fly in for just the weekend.

I’d have a lot more fun in Oahu if I weren’t so exhausted.  I was tired when I got here, and all those dives have taken their toll.  My feet are badly beat up from wearing fins— while they exert considerable force on the water, they also exert the same amount of force on the feet.  Scuba is always hard on my feet.

A couple more days, and then I can sleep all I want.


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