On the Road Again

by wjw on April 9, 2015

SeaLife DC1400Spot the fish in this picture.

I’m not sure I can do it myself.  I know there’s a frogfish in the frame somewhere, but I’m not sure which of the lumps is fish and which is coral.

The guide said, “If you see a piece of coral with a frown on it, that’s a frogfish.”  It all looks pretty frowny to me.

I’m going to leave you to chew on this for a few days, while I go to the Jack Williamson Lectureship, where I’ll be hanging with Connie Willis, Paolo Bacigalupi, Steve Gould, and I presume others.  So if you’re in Portales, NM, or Clovis, or even as far away as Pep, I urge you to stop by and say howdy.

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