Mountain Mysteries

by wjw on June 2, 2015

snowbearThe Rio Hondo workshop is over for another year, and I’m scrambling to catch up with my normal life, such as it is.  And prepare for Taos Toolbox, which begins in less than a month.

Here I am in the Commandant’s chair at the head of the table in our meeting room at Snow Bear, complete with its kitchen, its odd decor of rustic candle holders, artwork, Venetian carnival masks, and its treacherous rest room (which locked one of our members inside, resulting in a half hour’s frantic activity on the part of a posse of liberators, who eventually succeeded in getting the door off its hinges).

The participants cooked some fantastic meals, and those who didn’t cook did amazing work at cleanup.  We had to leave rather a lot of food behind, however, including for some reason many gallons of milk.  And even so I found some surprises in my bags when I got home.

For example: 48 fresh eggs.  Why were there so many eggs?  Were people planning to have an egg-in-spoon race?  I don’t understand.

Two bottles of red wine vinegar, both unopened.  Usually I come down with more than one bottle of balsamic vinegar, too, but this year people restrained themselves.

And two bags of cooking supplies came back with the contents sticky with honey.  There was only one bottle of honey, though, so how did it contaminate two bags?

Oh well.  There are certainly worse things to bring home from a trip to the mountains.


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