Wild Cards Bundled

by wjw on February 24, 2016

Wild Cards fans may know of two “nearly lost” Wild Cards books, Deuces Down and Death Draws Five.  These were published in the early 2000s by ibooks, inc.— which was a company run by publisher Byron Preiss, and is not and never was the iBooks run by Apple.  Byron Preiss died in a car accident in 2005, and ibooks vanished soon after.  Death Draws Five was barely distributed at all, and has been a collectors’ item ever since.

After a long, long, long bankruptcy procedure, ibooks’ assets were purchased by something called Brick Tower Press, which has, at length, made them available as a Humble Book Bundle.

Deuces Down is bundled with six other books by Roger Zelazny, Alfred Bester, and others, and is available for whatever you want to pay.

However, if you pay at least $12.31— and remember, this is for six books— you get another seven books, including Death Draws Five, and more by Zelazny, Bester, and Isaac Asimov.

It can’t get any more fair than that, can it?

Of course it’s not perfect: there is a deadline.  As of this writing, you have a little over seven days to bid.  So click on the link and check out some good reading!

(Just for the record, I did not contribute to either of these Wild Cards books.  But that doesn’t mean that Wild Cards fans won’t want them, right?)

Dave L February 24, 2016 at 3:32 am

Haha already bought it last week as you also get two of the greatest science fiction books of all time in the bundle “The Stars My Destination” and “The Demolished Man”. Looking forward to reading the wild cards books too of course.

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