Vladimir Does It Again

by wjw on December 3, 2017

DPQ0ZzEWsAIbFz6Once again, I am compelled to make a comparison between my calendar and that of Vladimir Putin, which various Russian sources insist is a huge seller in the UK, despite it being carried by few or none of Britain’s calendar distributors.

With my calendar, you get lovely photography of the interesting places I’ve been in the last twelvemonth, including Mexico, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons, along with shots of August’s total solar eclipse.

With Putin’s calendar, you get pictures of a topless Putin holding a hunting rifle, Putin playing with a snow leopard, Putin playing judo, Putin riding a chopper along with the Night Wolves motorcycle club, and so on.  You’d think Putin was the only thing worth photographing in Russia!  (Check my calendar for some places in Russia worth taking photos of.)

As yet there is no word whether, as last year, Putin’s calendar featured Putin “appreciating the beautiful women of Russia.”  In a totally non-creepy way, I’m sure.

In the calendar sweepstakes, it’s clear that the obvious winner is, well, me.  I don’t know why Putin bothers.

The choice is totally yours, so click here for the winner.

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