Gifts for Readers #4: While Gods Sleep

by wjw on December 16, 2018

final-front-cover_1. . . Aaaaand now we are at  #5 of my reading recommendations, all by veterans of Taos Toolbox, the master class for writers of science fiction and fantasy.  (And if you want to write SF or fantasy, why not click the link and find out what it’s about?)

L.D. Colter’s While Gods Sleep appeared the same week as Sherri Woosley’s Walking Through Fire and Lauren Teffeau’s Implanted.  (Dang!  We are on fire!)

Here’s the flap copy:

The first time Ty died he was five, the second time he was seven. He’s always believed his third death will be the final one, and now he may find out.

Greece, 1958. More than twenty years after his near-death experiences and the visions of terrifying gods that came with them, Ty leads a quiet life working as a locksmith. When a client persuades him to play in an ancient game of throwing bones his peaceful existence is shattered and Ty quickly finds himself deeply in debt, his life hanging in the balance once more. Forced to descend to the eerie mid-world of Erebus to repay his debt, his fate is soon entwined with sleeping gods, the factions that seek to control them, and an enemy powerful enough to destroy them all.

A dark fantasy thriller with surprising plot twists, While Gods Sleep, is the first in a set of stand-alone, mythology-based novels by award-winning author, L. D. Colter. Get ready to dive head-first into a 1950s Greece where conjoined queens rule a nation perched above an underworld filled with demi-gods and monsters, and a mortal man holds the key to the fate of the gods.

While Gods Sleep is available exclusively through Amazon, either as an ebook or paperback.

Steinar Bang December 25, 2018 at 1:37 am

I’ve read this one now. Pretty good! Recommended!

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