‘Tis the Season

by wjw on March 6, 2019

the-accidental-war120It’s award season, so it’s become customary for authors to announce which of their works are eligible for Hugos and whatever.  (When I started, anyone who tried this would have been ridiculed until they’d be embarrassed to show themselves sober at the Hugo Loser’s Party, but now it’s just a part of business.)

Be that as it may, I have but a short announcement, since the only new piece from me in 2018 was The Accidental War.  Which is eligible for the novel Hugo, though it won’t win, because I’m not nearly popular enough, and the fact that it’s the sixth book in a series will work against it.

However, publication of the book leaves me an outside chance at the Best Series award, since all the really popular series were nominated last year, and aren’t eligible again till 2020.  So if you want to nominate the Praxis series, or Dread Empire’s Fall, or whatever it’s called these days, feel free to nominate!  I would be mighty honored if you did, and my trip to the Irish Worldcon would be less in vain!

Nominations for the Hugos end on March 15th, so hop like a bunny to the Hugo Award page and read the instructions!  You’re eligible if you’re a supporting or attending member of this year’s Dublin Worldcon, or last year’s Worldcon in San Jose.  (You may have to write to them to ask for a key, or something.  I did.)

Anyway, good luck with all that!  And good luck to me, while I’m at it!

John Appel March 8, 2019 at 1:01 pm

My biggest problem in nominating things for awards lately is trying to winnow down the list of amazing works which have come out each year to just five or six. We’re definitely in a golden age of SFF

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