by wjw on June 26, 2019

IMG_3974This was described to me as “a church of the Hidden People.”

The Hidden People are, well, people— they’re not dwarves or elves or trolls, who are supernatural beings who also hang around in Iceland.  They’re just people who are hidden.

(Some people think the Hidden People are the same thing as elves, but Arni assured us this isn’t so.  Different origin stories, for one thing.  The Alfar come from other worlds, and the Hidden People are children of Eve and have always been on this planet.)

The Hidden People, when they do appear, are good looking and well-dressed.  They might appear to be in distress and will ask you for a favor.  If you grant it, you’ll have good luck in your endeavors. And if you refuse them, you should be careful around volcanoes, and indeed everywhere else.

I don’t think anyone in Iceland asked me for a favor— not anything beyond “pass the salt,” anyway—  so I haven’t been able to test this.

John F. MacMichael June 30, 2019 at 7:07 am

When I was a kid and I read a lot of old fairy tales one thing I noticed was that in these stories it was the children who were kind and polite to the various creatures they encountered in the course of their adventures who later were given critical help to, as it might be, escape the cannibal witch who was chasing them through the wild woods at midnight.

That was not the only reason I have always tried to be polite but it certainly did not hurt either.

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