Gifts for Readers #5: Nosy Newfie Mysteries

by wjw on December 20, 2019

51xLh-8+u-LI think you can fairly claim that a mystery-solving dog falls within the realm of speculative fiction, don’t you?

Taos Toolbox veteran Aleksa Baxter has devoted an entire series to her detecting dog.  Here’s the word on Book II, published earlier this year (there are three more):

Now that the pesky matter of her grandpa’s “shotgun situation” is behind them, Maggie May Carver is ready to get on with settling down in Baker Valley, Colorado with her Newfie, Miss Fancypants.

Unfortunately, when Maggie’s nemesis, Janice Fletcher, is found dead, Maggie is the main suspect. Actually, she’s the only suspect.

Now, whether she wants to or not, Maggie has to find the real killer before she’s locked up for life.

Find Aleksa’s page on Amazon.

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