Gifts for Readers #8: Boss Fight

by wjw on December 28, 2019

419VtPbkM6LTaos Toolbox veteran Josh Roseman published his story collection Boss Fight in 2019.

We all have battles to fight. Some of us rebel against the parasites in our heads; some of us face a choice between life and certain doom; some of us do magic when our parents say no; and some of us have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, toward acceptance of our past mistakes. 

In the pages of BOSS FIGHT, you’ll find people who do all of these things and more — like the engineers who fight the truths about their lovers, or the husband who fights to right a terrible wrong, or the widower who fights against losing his newfound companions.

Join these warriors and many others through 17 tales of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and remember: it’s not always the lessons you learn along the way. Sometimes it’s just about how you handle the fight.

“It’s easy to see Josh’s passion for the worlds he creates, and at a time where digital consciousness and artificial intelligence are prominent future battlefields, BOSS FIGHT addresses larger social issues while still telling compelling tales with fully fleshed-out and relatable characters.”
– Chris Spags, media personality and writer at

Sounds pretty interesting!  Find Boss Fight at Amazon.

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