Gifts for R/e/a/d/e/r/s/ Gamers #10: Slaughter in a Box

by wjw on January 3, 2020

a5a2221e29c9036bb44b3cceebceb9d7_originalTaos Toolbox veteran Eric Kelley has spent a lot of time in the gaming field.  In 2019 three of his games saw the light of day, Munchkin DungeonTrudvang Legends, and Zombicide.

In Munchkin Dungeon, you delve into the dungeon, vanquish the monsters, backstab your buddies, and grab the loot!  (Can’t miss with that, now can you?)

In Trudvang Legends, you enter a rich fantasy world, based on Norse myths and sagas, where no gamemaster is needed to experience story-driven adventure!

And as for Zombicide, well, I think the title says it all, don’t you?

If you’re in the mood for tabletop mayhem, give these a try!

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