Miss Shelley Presents

by wjw on February 9, 2020

440px-RothwellMaryShelleyI’ve had an interest in Mary Shelley and her circle for something like ever, an interest that resulted in my novella “Wall, Stone, Craft.” (Which I recommend to you all.)

But I also recommend to you this intriguing Kickstarter project, a graphic novel series called Mary Shelley Presents.

Each of the four volumes will feature Mary Shelley and her monster introducing a horror story by a Victorian woman writer, a writer celebrated in her time but (mostly) forgotten now.

The adaptations will be by multiple Bram Stoker-winning author Nancy Holder, with covers by Bobby Breed, Gwyn Tavares, Leonie O’Moore and Anna Giovannini, and interior art by Amelia Woo.

The adapted stories were originally by Elizabeth Gaskell, Margaret Strickland, Edith Nesbit, and Amanda Edwards.  (Ms. Edwards is completely new to me, and seems so obscure now that I can find nothing about her.)

The original prose stories will be printed in the back of each volume.

I like finding out about new writers, even if they’ve been dead for over 100 years.  And I also like rediscovering writers, as I hope myself to be one day rediscovered.

Looks like this one’s worth supporting.

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