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by wjw on April 7, 2021

The Best of Walter Jon Williams has received a fine appreciation in SFRevu. Your takeaway:

Some writers become superstars from their first book. Others quietly produce book after book of excellent, sometimes even superior, work without gaining the same attention. The latter is true of Walter Jon Williams . . .  as the Introduction by Daniel Abraham makes clear, Williams’ novels have a wide range, to the detriment of his branding . . .

Fans of Walter Jon Williams will want the deluxe illustrated hardcover The Best of Walter Jon Williams at $45. People who enjoy novella-length fiction or who want to read some high-quality science fiction with great characterization and literary craftsmanship will find the $5.99 ebook a bargain. Williams may not be the hot new thing, but he is a highly reliable writer who does not keep doing the same thing over and over again. Highly recommended.

If you hung on through the second paragraph, you’ll have noticed that Best of is now available as an ebook! This was news to me, but I searched long and hard and found the links you’re so desperately needing.

Hardback and Ebook

Barnes & NobleAmazon

Ebook only:

KoboApple BooksDirect from Publisher

Happy reading!

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