Out of Jail Free

by wjw on January 30, 2022

I’m out of COVID Jail, having completed the 10 days of isolation recommended by the CDC following my first positive test.

Not that I went anywhere or did anything. I’m not inclined toward frenzied celebration at the moment.

I am free of symptoms. Today I ran on the elliptical trainer, did my normal workout, and apparently have lost none of my conditioning, which argues for no lung damage.

I’m not sure if my brain has quite recovered, because right now I seem to be Short Attention Span Man. But maybe that’s a result of two years of an abnormal, pandemic lifestyle.

I did a fair amount of writing last night, and I don’t think it was incoherent, so that’s good news— for us all, I hope.

UPDATE: I‘ve now tested negative, so that makes it even more official.

mearsk February 1, 2022 at 10:24 am

Good news! I had it back last June and it was pretty bad for about a week. Took much longer to get sense of smell back, though. Not sure if I had the brain fog or not, but have heard that’s pretty common.

John Wilson February 2, 2022 at 6:29 am

I seem to recall something I read once from another author, who had either just woken up or was recovering from some illness or something, and wrote some part of a story. The author went back and looked at it later and realized it was gibberish.

Here’s hoping you avoid that fate…

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