Fashion Statement

by wjw on August 23, 2022

So here’s the new addition to my wardrobe, a plastic brace that straps around my leg.

This is intended to help my achilles tendon heal. I tore the tendon back in January, and what with one thing and another (including my black belt test) it never healed, and I kept re-injuring it. This is intended to keep my foot and ankle immobile and to freeze the foot in a position ideal for relaxing and healing my tendon.

Needless to say it took six or more weeks for the thing to reach me, after my sports doc prescribed it.

We’ll see whether it works. But it looks like I’ll be stomping around Bubonicon and the Worldcon in this thing, and wherever else I go for the next month or so.

I’ll try not to step on your feet.

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