Shaping Up

by wjw on October 12, 2022

Edward Willett and Shadowpaw Press, with help from Kickstarter, has released a perfectly enormous anthology that is well worth your time. The anthology features authors who have been interviewed on the Worldshapers podcast. Names include Griffin Barber, James Morrow, Jane Yolen, Cory Doctorow, F. Paul Wilson, and yours truly. Most stories are original. (Mine, “Send Them Flowers,” is not.)

Shapers of Worlds is available in electronic formats, paperback, and hardback. If you want to order via Amazon, each format has a different URL— I know!— so ebook, paperback, and hardback would have to be ordered separately.

Weird, but it’s Amazon, and I’m sure they don’t make mistakes.

Go forth and read, o reader!

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