What’s On the Slab

by wjw on October 1, 2022

It’s getting cold at night, so Kathy decided it was time to have a roast beast. Behold a boneless leg of lamb, slathered in olive oil, rosemary, and garlic, and cooked sous vide for eight hours, after which it was flung on the grill to catch fire. (It did catch fire too, with all that olive oil. The fire only improved it.)

Kathy served up the broccoli in ginger-garlic-soy sauce, and I added smashed potatoes with onions, pepper flakes, and lime zest. The potatoes were left over from Rio Hondo (thank you, Carrie).

The lamb was amazingly tender, though the tendons etc. were tough. I would have thought they’d dissolve after eight hours of cooking, but no.

Still, it was a lovely supper, and there’s enough left for at least one more feast. But for now, I’ll concentrate on digesting.

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