Bundle Time!

by wjw on July 27, 2023

The Science Fiction Writers of America have put out another novelbundle, and I am once more included!

This time it’s fantasy. There’s something about fantasy that never fails to thrill readers of all ages and backgrounds. Stories filled with magical creatures, wizards, romance, and adventures, both big and small, continue to cast spells over our collective imaginations. In SFWA’s Take No Prisoners StoryBundle, there’s plenty of adventure, magic, unlikely heroes, and otherworldly creatures to keep you immersed in different worlds for days.

Here’s how it works.

Click the link. For the first four books, you can pay $5, or more if you’re feeling generous. However, if you offer at least $20, you get nine additional books, including my Metropolitan.

Such a deal! And it runs only for three weeks, so you might as well buy now.

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