Getting High

by wjw on September 28, 2023

Rio Hondo I think may fairly claim to be the only writers’ workshop to offer high tea.

Nor was this my idea. Oz, Alan, Barb, and Rosie put this together while I paying attention to other things. We had scones, cucumber sandwiches, crumpets, and trifle, accompanied by various teas, clotted cream, double cream, jams, and other fine things. Later there was Chicken Kyiv for those feeling deprived of protein.

My taste buds offer thanks to the chefs.

Oz September 29, 2023 at 8:58 am

I will add that the high tea took weeks of pre-planning by email among the 4 chefs comparing recipes and ideas, careful shopping in Albuquerque and bringing items from home, and finally, 2 days of preparation at Truchas.

The idea for the tea came about during light-hearted email exchanges regarding Earl Grey (and several other kinds) tea from Adagio. Appropriate music for the event was provided by Rick. The trifle, scones, and crumpets were carried in to “Hail Britannia.”

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