New Wheels

by wjw on May 9, 2024

My trim line may be slightly different

So after seven years with a Subaru WRX, I’ve gone and bought a new WRX. Upgunned with a 2.2-liter boxer engine that wouldn’t be complete without a ginormous turbocharger sitting on it.

My old car was in good shape, and a used WRX is always in demand, so I got a very nice price for it.

One obvious difference is the giant touchscreen of an entertainment/climate system sitting in the middle of the dashboard. I have only the slightest idea of how to work the thing. After some struggle I finally manage to get it to play a podcast off my iPhone.

Yes, I know I should look up the answers in the owner’s manual. But which owner’s manual? This beast comes with no less than FIVE owner’s manuals. And none of the questions I have seem to be addressed in any of the indexes. Maybe I can find some Youtube videos.

I’m going to do my best to avoid temptation for the first 5000 miles or so, and not succumb to the temptation to write it out on New Mexico’s exemplary mountain roads. But all I can say is, that temptation is certainly there.

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