December 29, 2018

I’m well into the as-yet-untitled second volume of the second series of Praxis novels— now that would make a poor title— and I’ve come to realize that I’m really missing having at least some of the action set on a planet, where there are things like wind and plants and pretty scenery. Every scene is either […]

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So. This Happened.

December 28, 2018

It’s the first big winter storm in a number of years, and the world is covered with a layer of ice buried under several inches of snow.  It won’t really get above freezing for over a week, so we’re just going to have to get used to involuntary acts of skating. I hate driving under […]

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Sunset Time

December 26, 2018
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December 25, 2018

Happy Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday!   Nature and Nature’s laws lay hid in night: God said, “Let Newton be!” and all was light.

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Complex Waterfowl

December 24, 2018

Sandhill cranes at sunset, snapped at the Ladd S. Gordon Waterfowl Complex just south of town.

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Gifts for Readers #8 and #9: Two for the Price of Two

December 23, 2018

Here are what I suspect are the final two publications for veterans of Taos Toolbox, all published in the last year.  (Unless someone clues me in to a novel I didn’t know about.) First up is the latest from Hugo-winning author Will McIntosh, a YA fable about a group of teens and their infallible lie […]

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Welcoming Our New Robot Executive Chefs

December 21, 2018

We’re about to enter a holiday period in which vast quantities of food and beverage will be consumed.  Which means, as a corollary, that there will be a lot of leftovers. Why not do something different with your leftovers this year?  Like make use of a recipe created by an AI?  We have two AIs […]

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Gifts for Readers #7: Tisiphone’s Quest

December 20, 2018

We are now at #7 of my list of gifts for readers, all written by veterans of Taos Toolbox, the master class for writers of science fiction and fantasy.  (And have I mentioned that all these books were published in 2018?  And these are only the 2018 novels I know about— there may have been more, […]

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December 19, 2018

Lo!  It’s another photo from our 2019 calendar! This is Olavinlinna (“St Olaf’s Castle”), a 15th century fortification on a Finnish island near the Russian border.  The castle was built by the Swedes to keep the Russians out, but in the early 18th Century Sweden ran out of the money necessary to defend themselves and […]

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Gifts for Readers #6: The Invisible City

December 19, 2018

Brian K. Lowe’s The Invisible City is #6 in my list of recommended reading from veterans of Taos Toolbox, the master class for writers of science fiction and fantasy. Here’s the flap copy: Captain Charles Clee stumbles onto a secret archaeological expedition from the 23rd century and finds himself stranded nearly one million years in the […]

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