Gifts for Readers 1: Implanted

December 4, 2018

Now that we’re in the season for gift-giving, I’m going to start a new series of gift suggestions, all of them books by veterans of Taos Toolbox. You can’t have too much reading, right? First up is Implanted by Lauren C. Teffeau, available as a paperback, ebook, or audio book from Angry Robot. From the flap […]

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December 2, 2018

I’ve been deep-diving into history here at Rancho Malario, first with the Amazon Prime series Las Aventuras del Capitán Alastriste, based on the novels by Arturo Perez Reverte.    I’ve been a fan of Perez’ fiction for a long while, ever since The Flanders Panel and The Club Dumas.  The Alastriste novels are a very good introduction to his […]

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A Modest Reminder

December 2, 2018

My 99-cent sale on the Brig of War ebook will end in just a few days.  If you don’t have a copy and want one, find it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play.

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November 29, 2018

Once again, I’ve published a journal of our adventures in the form of a calendar.  This one covers 2019, and features major international holidays such as Alberta Family Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Toussaint, Cinco de Mayo, Kamehameha Day, and my birthday. I don’t make money off this, it’s just something I do to share experiences with […]

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Spies and Spinets

November 28, 2018

One of the oldies channels has been running back-to-back episodes of The Avengers (the British one, with Patrick Macnee), and Danger Man, with Patrick McGoohan, both Patricks playing men named John.  I remember watching the two Patricks as a youngster, and being enthusiastic fans of both.  (Danger Man seems to have been the first British series ever […]

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November 25, 2018

Yesterday my Brig of War sale went into overdrive, with an ad placed through Bookbub, which promptly sold a couple thousand copies (without, however, coming near the total required to reimburse myself for the cost of the ad). But the sale nevertheless managed to bring my Amazon ranking to #61, which placed it on the Amazon […]

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No Trauma

November 24, 2018

We saved ourselves untold amounts of trauma by not going shopping on Black Friday and going to the Bernardo Bird Refuge, right at sunset when the sandhill cranes were flying low, dropping their landing gear, and coming in to a soft landing. We saw hundreds of them, but oddly enough saw no other birds at […]

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No Turkey Here

November 21, 2018

Here in the States we’re about to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, which was established by Abraham Lincoln as a day of fasting, repentance, and prayer, and is now celebrated as a day of feasting and football.  (The repentance comes the day after.) Unfortunately I can’t invite you all to the house to enjoy my Seriously […]

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We’re Baaaack!

November 20, 2018

Taos Toolbox, master class for writers of science fiction and fantasy, will return in 2019! The workshop will take place July 7-20, 2019, at our location in Angel Fire, New Mexico.  Nancy Kress and Walter Jon Williams will instruct, with the assistance of special guests George R.R. Martin and E.M. Tippetts. Like last year, George […]

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Wild Cards Hulu

November 14, 2018

Variety has reported that two new original Hulu series will be based on the George RR Martin shared-world series Wild Cards. Hulu is developing multiple shows based on the “Wild Cards” book series, which is edited by “Game of Thrones” scribe George R.R. Martin. Variety has learned from sources that the streamer is set to open […]

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