Back at the Zoo

July 21, 2018

Went back to the zoo tonight, for a high-energy session by saxophonist/vocalist Grace Kelly.  Here’s a sample of the sort of thing we saw. And here’s Kelly at a previous concert at the Albuquerque zoo.  The video probably isn’t the best showcase of her talents, but it shows you what the venue looks like, the […]

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Chairman of the Board

July 16, 2018

A gorilla looking very much the elder statesman, though in fact he’s young.  Viewed at the Twilight ramble, last week.

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July 13, 2018

My summer entertainment has largely consisted of the first series of El Ministerio del Tiempo, a Spanish science fiction series available on Netflix.  (Don’t worry, there are subtitles.) It’s smart, it’s clever, and once you accept its (somewhat ridiculous) premise, it explores that premise thoroughly and plays fair with its audience.   More than that, its avoids […]

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Sleepy Kitty

July 11, 2018

This is not exactly your go-to blog for cute animal pictures, but sometimes even my stony heart has been known to melt. Tonight’s expedition was the Twilight tour at the local zoo, a chance to visit the animals in small groups led by a docent.  I was able to take this picture of a full-grown […]

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Final Revised Version

July 10, 2018

The other night we made our way to the Santa Fe Opera— the only opera I know of that features tailgate parties— for a tailgate dinner and “Candide,” music by Leonard Bernstein, book and lyrics by a rather complex and storied group of collaborators, all inspired (or not) by the short novel by “M. le […]

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From the Robophobe

July 3, 2018

More strange, out-of-context critiques from the Toolbox. “She critiques the god and decides it’s not a good one–maybe 6 out of 10.” “Your story succeeds in avoiding the Lovecraftian gravity well.” “I didn’t like the character–she was willing to get rid of her dog in exchange for a robot!” “The self-aware-robot commercial wars will make […]

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Maple Leaf

July 1, 2018

Happy Canada Day to our friends in the North! Y’all keep up that “peace and good government” thing, okay?

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Normal Programming Will Be Resumed Shortly

July 1, 2018

Taos Toolbox 2018 is over.  I drove Nancy Kress to the airport this morning, then went home, enjoyed the air conditioning for a while, and promptly sacked out. Here’s a photo— actually from last week— of us taking guest speaker Carrie Vaughn out for some of the local cuisine. We didn’t get burned up in […]

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Free Accident!

June 28, 2018

There’s a drawing for free copies of The Accidental War on Goodreads. It’s not like the publisher told me about this.  I found out by, well, accident.

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Song of Crit and Fire

June 27, 2018

Fortunately Melisandre brought us back, at what price I shudder to imagine. Behold the Sardenas Canyon Fire, visible from our nest at Angel Fire. Droughtland’s latest fire is small, but has been burning uncontrolled for several days now.  We have to hope that the name of our refuge, Angel Fire, remains metaphorical rather than literal. […]

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