Literalize That Metaphor!

July 11, 2017

When I’m teaching at Toolbox, I talk about literalizing metaphors, but it’s always hard to come up with a concrete example of how that works. No longer.  I’ve watched Hotel Beau Sejour on Netflix. This ten-episode Belgian-made mystery series, with dialog in Flemish, opens with teenage Kato waking up in a hotel room, to discover her […]

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July 10, 2017

This morning the neighbor’s tree was covered in African cattle egrets, a breathtaking sight.  Since first appearing in the Rio Grande Valley forty-odd years ago, these migrants have multiplied and made themselves very much at home.  Their numbers seem to have increased greatly just in the last couple years. The neighbor was irrigating his alfalfa […]

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Tower of Dreams

July 8, 2017

So the other night I dreamed I was in the Tower of Definitive Editions, a giant structure literally built from the definitive editions of every book ever written.  There was some kind of mechanism that would pluck the book that you wanted from the structure without either damaging the book or destabilizing the tower.  (Maybe […]

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Stuff What I Have Seen

July 6, 2017

In the past weeks I’ve caught up with superhero stuff that you all no doubt saw ages ago.  I’d like to be more timely with reviews, but frankly my life is very, very busy right now, so I catch movies when I can. Dr. Strange.  I missed this during the burly-hurly of last year, which […]

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Birthday Twiddle

July 4, 2017

And another happy birthday, this time to the U.S. of A!  I’ll be enjoying the day with friends, eating all-American food, and enjoying patriotic music.  Apropos which, here is John Adams with a timely tune.

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O Canada

July 2, 2017

Happy Canada Day to our friends north of the border! In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada being itself, I’m pleased to present a rare video of a celebrated Canadian performer jamming with some of her friends. The message is still timely, I’d like to think.

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Deer in the Headlights

July 1, 2017

Taos Toolbox is done.  Over the course of two weeks Nancy and I delivered 18 lectures, read and critiqued 280,000 words of fiction, wrangled three superbly informative guest speakers, and drank lots and lots of coffee. I’m now at home, staring blankly at the walls while listening to a strange, high-pitched ringing in my ears. […]

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Info Dumplings

June 27, 2017

Collected by Nancy Kress, here are a series of quotes from last week’s critiques here at Taos Toolbox. * “I like the info dumplings.” * “I don’t think she could take apart the time machine with a hairpin.” * “The hard-working proletarian hero saves the day over the upper-class creep–what more do you want?” * […]

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Words for Clarion

June 25, 2017

Are you a professional writer?  Are you going to be doing a writing project this summer? Sign up for the Clarion Write-a-Thon.  You’ll write the exact same words you’d write anyway, and you’ll earn money for the Clarion Workshop, the world’s premiere workshop for science fiction and fantasy. Are you an aspiring writer?  You can […]

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Beneath the Sign of the Bear

June 22, 2017

I’ve been spending the week at the 10th Anniversary Taos Toolbox, the workshop for writers of science fiction and fantasy.  Here’s a photo of us beneath the bear, including fellow instructor Nancy Kress and special guest George RR Martin. I realized too late that I should have got a photo of us all lying dead […]

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