Writer’s Workshop Drinking Game

I’m up the mountain at the Rio Hondo workshop, enjoying the company of eleven other fine writers, eating well, doing manuscript critique, and grooving on the natural world.

This means my presence here may be a little bit scarce for the next few days.

We– by which I mean some of them—  have just invented a new drinking game for writers’ workshops.   Here’s how it works.

Slam down a drink every time you hear one of the following in critique:

  • I’m not the audience for this story.

  • The story wants to be shorter/longer.

  • You’ve obviously an Analog writer.

  • This story starts on Page 6.

  • I don’t think the frame story is necessary.

  • I don’t know how to read this story.

  • The story you should be writing is this . . .

  • What this scene needs is a dinosaur.

  • Turn the dial to eleven.

  • You never met an adverb you didn’t like.

  • I think you can safely cut the prologue.

And finally . . .

  • Robert Silverberg wrote this story in 1962.



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