by wjw on January 20, 2017

rift-smallIn an apocalyptic mood for some reason?  (I can’t imagine what that reason might be.)

In that case you should take advantage of the 99-cent sale on my bestselling ebook, The RiftThe Rift was intended as a breakout book, in which a larger-than-usual audience would be exposed to my Walter-y goodness.  In the event, the publisher deliberately sabotaged the book’s release, and the sales figures, while okay, were sufficiently unspectacular to assure that I wouldn’t sell another novel for five long years.

(I’ve written a long essay about this, should you find yourself interested.)

Once I freed the book from the original publisher, I issued it as an ebook, and now it’s my best-selling work.  So that’s a happy ending of sorts.

The Rift has a kind of eerie prescience, in which events like Hurricane Katrina and the Fukushima meltdown were prefigured in fictional form.  You may find parts of the work to still have relevance today (though personally I hope not).

You’ll find The Rift at KoboiBooksAmazonNookSmashwords, and Google.

Here’s what the critics had to say about the book:

The Rift would be a very good beach book, if you could put it down long enough to get into the water.” —— The San Diego Union Tribune

” A breakout book that you’ll swear the author lived” —— SF Age

“I don’t like disaster novels. I would not have even glanced at The Rift if it weren’t backed by Walter Jon Williams’ reputation for excellence. And I definitely would not have kept reading if Williams hadn’t demonstrated on every page that he deserves his reputation. The result? I was so engrossed in—— and engaged by ——The Rift that I forgot that I don’t like disaster novels. This book is an impressive achievement.”
—— Stephen R. Donaldson, New York Times bestselling author of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

The Rift is bloody wonderful! Williams brings an historic disaster back for an encore and metaphorically flattens it again. This is the stuff for which sleep is lost–and awards are made.” —— Dean Ing

The Rift shakes up the world like it’s never been shaken before.” —— Fred Saberhagen

“[For fans of the disaster novel] Williams delivers the requisite thrills and setpieces—— but he also, to paraphrase Conrad, offers a bit of that truth for which they forgot to ask.” —— Locus


Burning It Down

by wjw on January 20, 2017



by wjw on January 18, 2017

A little over two years ago, I was right at this spot, seeing these exact creatures.

I set the climax of Impersonations here, thinking perhaps of camouflage and how to maintain it.


New Year, New Career

by wjw on January 18, 2017

taos-logosmallI just want to remind everyone that the submission period for Taos Toolbox, the master class for writers of science fiction and fantasy, is far from over.  There are still places available, and if you take your writing seriously and want to move in the direction of having a writing career, sending in your application will be a first step.

Principal instructors this year will be Nancy Kress and myself, with special lecturers George R.R. Martin, Steven Gould, and Emily Mah Tippetts.

You want to become a professional writer? If not now, when?  And once you decide it’s now, let us hear from you.


Spot the Fish in this Picture

by wjw on January 14, 2017

_DSC4156It’s a crocodile fish, known less descriptively as “de Beaufort’s flathead.”

It’s also an ambush predator, so if you happen to be a small crustacean, don’t get too close.


Revisiting the Classics: The Man in the High Castle

January 12, 2017

With The Man in the High Castle premiering its third season on Amazon, I thought I’d seek out the book on which the series was based.  I didn’t want to see the TV version before re-reading the book, because I wanted to see how well the original material was adapted. It took me a while, but […]

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Wild Cards x 5

January 10, 2017

If you haven’t tried Wild Cards yet, here’s your chance.  Tor has bundled the first five Wild Cards books into a single ebook, and put it for sale at Amazon and their own MacMillan site (which has links to other retailers). Check this out.  Lots of good reading for cold winter nights.

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January 4, 2017

I’ve complained here and there about stories that don’t actually seem to get anywhere, or which get lost in a detour for a few hundred pages before finding the path again, or that can’t seem to work out what they’re about. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of television with much the same problem.  Original Netflix […]

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Goodbye Cruel Year

January 3, 2017

I wish you all a most successful and peaceful 2017.  I had a very pleasant New Year’s Eve in Santa Fe, at GRRM’s annual party.  Here’s George and Parris, toasting the end of 2016 while fireworks burst behind them. George used to regularly host New Year parties back in the 1980s, but then he went […]

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Stick to the Ribs

December 28, 2016

Got any leftover ribs from your beef roast?  Here’s something to do with them. Slather them with mustard.  Then cover them with bread crumbs.  Then put them in the broiler, turning as necessary, until they’re brown and crispy and sizzling. Eat them with your fingers, as your caveman ancestors did. I got this from Vincent […]

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