Lo! I am to be seen!

by wjw on November 13, 2019

QuiliferBadge02_edited-1 copyI will be signing Quillifer the Knight, and any other of my books you bring or buy, this Saturday at 4pm, at Page One Books in Albuquerque.

I will take questions, do a brief reading, and maybe there will be food.  There often is.

Attend!  It should be fun.


Speak Swordfish, and Enter

by wjw on November 13, 2019

20191110_180459 2The public Borsalino reveal took place at a culturally appropriate venue, a speakeasy,  where I enjoyed my long-delayed birthday dinner.

The bookshelf behind me is a secret door.  The password was not “Swordfish.”

Vernon’s Speakeasy cooks a damn good meal, but a degree of romance is lost by the fact of alcohol now being legal.

On the other hand, look whose table they gave me!

20191110_182003 2


Ring in the Toolbox Time!

by wjw on November 10, 2019

Taos-LogosmallTaos Toolbox, the master class for writers of science fiction and fantasy, will take place June 7-20, 2020, in Angel Fire, New Mexico.

Chief writer-wranglers will be Nancy Kress and Walter Jon Williams, aided by special guests George RR Martin and indiepub guru EM Tippetts.

George continues to fund the Terran Award, providing tuition and lodging for a writer from a non-English-speaking country (who nevertheless wishes to write in English).

Taos Toolbox continues to turn out writers of a high caliber who sell their work in paying markets, and are recognized by their peers and readers.  (2019’s Hugo Award list featured three Toolbox nominees.)

If you want to take your writing to the next level, Taos Toolbox is the place to go.

The application period begins on December 1, so mark that date on your calendars.

More information can be found on the Taos Toolbox website.


All Spoilers

by wjw on November 7, 2019

51gj25pb9SL._SY300_Etaoin suggested I create a topic for Quillifer spoilers, and so here it is.

Feel free to discuss the details of Quillifer the Knight‘s complicated plot, or indeed anything else.

Anyone who hasn’t finished the book are now warned.


Barefoot Knight With Cheek

by wjw on November 6, 2019

Quillifer revised front cover

Quillifer the Knight has been released!  

And we’ve got flap copy if you want it!

Rogue. Joker. Lover. Reluctant conspirator.

The ambitious young Quillifer was knighted for services to the crown, but then was banished from court by a queen who finds him obnoxious. Now, after a two-year voyage to improve his fortunes, Quillifer returns to court and is plunged immediately into a maelstrom of intrigue that triggers duels, plots, amours, and rollicking adventure. Bounding back and forth from the high councils of state to the warm bed of his mistress, Quillifer must exert every ounce of seductive charm and low cunning in order to survive.

But there’s a greater menace to Quillifer than deadly political intrigue, for once again he finds himself hunted by the cruel, beautiful, and vengeful goddess Orlanda.

Quillifer the Knight is the sequel to Quillifer, and may be found at a bookstore near you, or at Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Google, or Barnes & Noble.

I also include the conveniently-sized placard below, in hopes that you’ll place it on your social media and help me get this party started.

QuiliferBadge02_edited-1 copy

And that’s not all! as they used to say on the Ronco commercials.  For all of November, the ebook version of my novel The Accidental War,  the latest in my Praxis series, is on sale for a mere $1.99.  Find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and Google.the-accidental-war120

Much reading pleasure can soon be yours!  Just settle in your easy chair, pour yourself the warming beverage of your choice, and settle down with one of my books.


Flying Into Los Angeleeez

October 30, 2019

I’m off to L.A. for the World Fantasy Convention. I’m taking it easy, I’m not doing signings or other programming. If you want something signed, you’ll have to track me down, but I won’t be hard to find.

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Me an’ Bogart an’ Them

October 27, 2019

It’s been a long autumn, what with hip replacement and all the deadline pressure and stuff, and my birthday is happening around now, and so I decided I deserved a really nice birthday present.   Maybe something I’ve always wanted. It so happens that I’ve wanted a Porsche since I was about eight, and ever […]

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Making Scoville Proud

October 25, 2019

Tonight’s culinary odyssey was courtesy of our hunter friend Kyle, who laid some ground venison on us.  We could have made venison burgers, I suppose, but I decided to be a little more adventurous and make venison chili.  Kathy had bought a ton of freshly-roasted green chile back in August, and this seemed another chance […]

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Reviews Too Late: Money Heist

October 24, 2019

While recovering from surgery I binged, mainly continuing my exploration of Spanish TV with Money Heist (Casa de Papel, “House of Paper”)  I do like an intricate caper, as my Maijstral books demonstrate, and this is probably the longest caper ever filmed, something like sixteen hours of television originally split into two seasons.  (One crime over […]

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No Break. Maybe Some Whisky.

October 20, 2019

I have finished Fleet Elements, which is either Praxis Book VII (according to me) or Praxis Book V (according to the publisher). Objectively, it’s Novel XXXIII. The text has been sent on to the Power What Is.  I am celebrating the completion by working on something else.  Some day I’ll take a break, but it won’t […]

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