Medium Rare

by wjw on February 23, 2024

Tonight’s dinner: sous vide leg of lamb cooked medium rare, with a sort of roux/wine sauce, plus cheesy potatoes and a spring salad.

Six Weeks In

by wjw on February 17, 2024

So I’ve been to the Cancer Center for my six-week checkup. My PSA came in at 0.1— any lower and it would have been undetectable. (It was over 70 when I started treatment.)

So . . . happy news! Cancer confirmed dead! Champagne in my sights!

Toolbox in ’23

by wjw on February 6, 2024

Here’s the second in my survey of works published by graduates of Taos Toolbox in 2023. The Kuiper Belt Job is the first in David D. Levine’s Cannibal Club Chronicles, a new adventure series following a collective of highly shady individuals.

Once upon a time in the Solar System, there was a gang called the Cannibal Club led by the man known as Strange. Max was the muscle, Damien the pilot, Alicia the thief, Tai the hacker, and Shweta the grifter. They would break into banks, hack computers, swindle the rich and powerful, run guns … whatever it took.

The Orca Job was supposed to set them all up for life, but it did not go according to plan. They lost their money, they lost their ship, and some of them lost their lives—the survivors scattering in a storm of recriminations.

Now, ten year’s later, someone’s trying to get the band back together for one last heist. But can they trust that someone? Can they even trust each other?

David Levine, I believe, was at the second Taos Toolbox in 2008, and has been published regularly in the years since. He’s an example of how Taos Toolbox can find talent that already exists and refine it into something capable of sustaining a career.

If you want to write, you’ll be wanting a career. Check out Taos Toolbox, and find out what we can do for you!


Don’t Sleep. Just Read.

by wjw on February 4, 2024

The new Wild Card book, SLEEPER STRADDLE, launches on February 6! The book contains a new story by me, “Semiotics of the Strong Man,” and features two of the series’ most popular characters.

SLEEPER STRADDLE features stories about Croyd Crenson, known as the Sleeper and created by Roger Zelazny. Roger created the most brilliantly useful character in the series, because every so often the Sleeper falls into a coma and wakes in a completely new body, and acquires a completely new set of powers.

“Semiotics of the Strong Man” is set in Rome in 1999, and features my character Jack Braun (ex-movie star, ex-Tarzan), known alternately as Golden Boy and the Judas Ace. He and Croyd meet for the first time and, well, lots of things get smashed and broken.

Besides myself, SLEEPER STRADDLE features stories by Christopher Rowe • Carrie Vaughn • Cherie Priest • William F. Wu • Stephen Leigh • Mary Anne Mohanraj • Max Gladstone, and is edited by George R. R. Martin and Melinda M. Snodgrass.

Be sure to find your copy wherever you find your fiction.

Talkin’ Atcha

by wjw on February 3, 2024

My interview by Steve Bardin is now available on Youtube.

The ostensible topic is my Star Wars tie-in, but the interview ended up quite wide-ranging, so you don’t have to be a Star Wars geek to enjoy it.

From the Time Capsule

January 30, 2024

I went through an old file cabinet drawer yesterday to see if it was time to send some of the paper to (1) the shredder, or (2) the archives. The stuff in the cabinet dates from 1975-1982, my earliest years of trying to write professionally. Right up front was a massive research file for the […]

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Toolbox Scores Again

January 25, 2024

Here I begin a survey of works published by Taos Toolbox veterans in 2023. First up is Refractions by M.V. Melcer, a far-future novel that features intrigue, action, and an all-consuming mystery at its heart. Nathalie has joined a rescue mission to the once-thriving settlement at Bethesda, which has lost communication with Earth. Her years-long […]

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We Have Lost the National Treasure

January 16, 2024

Here’s Howard Waldrop— that’s MISTER National Treasure to you!— in 2006, reading someone’s submission to the Rio Hondo workshop, then held in Taos Ski Valley. Howard died yesterday of an apparent stroke. He was 77. I met him in the early Eighties, when I was writing the first Privateer & Gentlemen books. They hadn’t been […]

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January 12, 2024

Tonight’s crescent moon at sunset.

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Arroz is Arroz is Arroz

January 7, 2024

Kathy’s away for a yoga weekend, and left me here in the cold. To keep off the chill I wanted a hot mess to eat, so here’s paella! Ham, fresh-caught Gulf shrimp, chorizo, Patagonian scallops, chicken, and bomba rice. invited Terry and Jim to share it, and they brought a fine Spanish red, so all […]

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