Open to Submissions

by wjw on December 7, 2017

taos-logosmallJust a reminder that Taos Toolbox, the master class for writers of science fiction and fantasy, is now open for submissions.

The workshop runs June 17-30, 2018, and will be taught by Nancy Kress, Walter Jon Williams, George RR Martin, Carrie Vaughn, and EM Tippetts.

Time is passing!  Get your submissions ready!


Back to the Mississippi

by wjw on December 6, 2017

mississippi-rollA new Wild Cards shared worlds book (the twenty-fourth) has just appeared, Mississippi Roll, edited by George R.R. Martin and Melinda Snodgrass (who seems to be uncredited, at least on the cover).

I don’t have a story in this one, but you might find one or two of my characters involved in the action.

This may sound strange in regard to the twenty-fourth book of a series, but this one is actually a good place for a newcomer to start. It’s self-contained, all is explained, and it’s the first in an in-series trilogy called The American Triad.

And just in time for the holidays!

If you want a book signed by GRRM (you’ll have to chase the other authors down), you can find one at right here, and otherwise you should check at your friendly local bookstore, or at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and (for ebook only) all the other places you’d expect.



The First Century

by wjw on December 5, 2017

800px-Coat_of_arms_of_Finland.svgHappy Hundredth Birthday, Finland!


Vladimir Does It Again

by wjw on December 3, 2017

DPQ0ZzEWsAIbFz6Once again, I am compelled to make a comparison between my calendar and that of Vladimir Putin, which various Russian sources insist is a huge seller in the UK, despite it being carried by few or none of Britain’s calendar distributors.

With my calendar, you get lovely photography of the interesting places I’ve been in the last twelvemonth, including Mexico, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons, along with shots of August’s total solar eclipse.

With Putin’s calendar, you get pictures of a topless Putin holding a hunting rifle, Putin playing with a snow leopard, Putin playing judo, Putin riding a chopper along with the Night Wolves motorcycle club, and so on.  You’d think Putin was the only thing worth photographing in Russia!  (Check my calendar for some places in Russia worth taking photos of.)

As yet there is no word whether, as last year, Putin’s calendar featured Putin “appreciating the beautiful women of Russia.”  In a totally non-creepy way, I’m sure.

In the calendar sweepstakes, it’s clear that the obvious winner is, well, me.  I don’t know why Putin bothers.

The choice is totally yours, so click here for the winner.


Adventure Log

by wjw on December 2, 2017

Eclipse03Wee@700As we have so many times in the past, we’re making a calendar available for our friends and readers.  It features photos from our Baltic journey of the summer, along with views of the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and the eclipse of August 2017.  It also features holidays and other important dates for the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK.

It’s a log of our adventures, and you can use it to log your adventures in 2018.

You need a calendar, right?  And you need it in hardcopy, because online calendars will disappear when your computer dies.

I don’t make money on this, I just enjoy sharing with friends.  Buy it for a mere $18.99 online.


Palace of Mystery and Message

December 1, 2017

Eltham Palace, near Greenwich, was given to Edward II in 1305, and was used as a royal residence for over three centuries.  Henry VIII and his sisters were raised there.  But the palace was wrecked during the English Civil War, and after the rebuilding of Greenwich Palace under Charles II, Eltham was used less and […]

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I Speak to Hobbitses

November 27, 2017

This Wednesday, November 29, at 6:30 pm, I will be addressing the Hobbit Society at the University of New Mexico.  The event will be held at the Honors College, on the lower plaza or ground level of the Student Health Center building. I’ll be talking about Quillifer and other subjects of relevance.  It’s open to the public, […]

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Coming December 1

November 27, 2017

Just a reminder that December 1 is the first day for submissions to Taos Toolbox, the master class for writers of science fiction and fantasy. The workshop will run June 17-30, 2018, and will be taught by Nancy Kress, Walter Jon Williams, George RR Martin, Carrie Vaughn, and EM Tippetts. Assuming that you want to […]

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Cover Art

November 23, 2017

John Scalzi sent me the cover of the Italian edition of his novel The Collapsing Empire, which may look just a little bit familiar to you.  It uses the same piece of stock art (by Innovari) that I used for my own editions, ebook and paperback, of Angel Station. Furthermore, I know of at least one […]

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La Zona Tropical

November 19, 2017

Possibly because the weekend made it clear that winter is here, I’ve decided to create and live in my own tropical zone.  Let’s start with some music! Here’s the Oceanic band Te Vaka singing “Papa E.” Which should not be confused with another song called “E Papa,” by Carlos Santana.

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