I Am Cover’d

by wjw on May 12, 2017

Quillifer_comp_medBehold!  The Gregory Manchess cover for Quillifer, my next book, complete with blurb from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Diaz!  How cool is that!

The protagonist’s expression turned out to be key for this, and according to my editor went through several versions.  “It was a goldilocks scenario of just too old, too war weary, not enough snark, way too much snark, then, oh no, now you’re embarrassing drunk uncle . . . “

But what they really needed was this guy.  Part Flashman, part James Bond.

The book’s just become available for pre-order, and can be in your hands the first week in October.


I Just Won’t Shut Up

by wjw on May 12, 2017

Carl Slaughter interviews me for File 770.  I talk about Quillifer, so if the cover in the post just above intrigues you, feel free to check this out.

And also, File 770‘s appreciation of the Praxis series.


For the Folks Abroad

by wjw on May 10, 2017

Praxis04-650This is an announcement for my readers outside of North America.  The Praxis, the first in my Dread Empire sequence, is on sale for 99 cents, or 99 cent-equivalents in whatever your currency happens to be.  You can find the book at Amazon.co.ukiBooksKobo, and Google.

This is the revised and slightly expanded Praxis, guaranteed to be even better than any Praxis you find at Brand X!

I’m sorry I can’t extend the sale to readers in the U.S. and Canada, but I don’t control the ebook rights here, so you’ll have to pay full price.  (Still, it’s worth every penny.)

(If you’re looking for a sale inside North America, The Rift is still available for 99 cents, four months after I put it on sale!  It won’t stop selling!  Best sale ever!)

Read on, citizens of the world!


Up and Live

by wjw on May 8, 2017

Boolean04My tale of Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla is now available on Apple, Amazon, Smashwords, Google, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.  For a mere $2.99!

Click here for an essay about this labor of love.


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Interview, Part II

by wjw on May 7, 2017

Behold!  It is Part II of my interview by Devin Fields on the Flyover Fandom blog.



May 6, 2017

I saw this guy tonight.  Safe to say I was amazed. Except the fellow’s name is Colin Cloud.  And having practically majored in the Elizabethans, I keep thinking of him as “Colin Clout.” But if you don’t know Spenser, it won’t matter.

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Spas of the Jedi

May 4, 2017

Ever since the trailer for Star Wars: the Last Jedi was released, there has been a mighty buzz over Luke’s proclamation that “It’s time for the Jedi to end.” Charlie Jane Anders, on wired.com, suggests that what the Jedi need is not extinction, but Workers’ Comp. This is clearly a job with a high attrition rate. […]

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Boolean Trial

May 3, 2017

Here’s the prototype cover for my novella “The Boolean Gate,” shortly available wherever fine ebooks are sold. The portrait of Tesla is by Houman A. Tavassoli. Let me know what you think.

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Reviews Too Late: Batman vs. Superman

May 3, 2017

Two weekends ago, I got HBO free for three days.  They usually do this when promoting something special, but during those days I didn’t see on the schedule anything special like Game of Thrones or The Handmaid’s Tale (which is Starz anyway), so I’m guessing they were just feeling generous. Be that as it may, I recorded Batman vs. […]

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