Days in the Life

October 17, 2023

A friend in Tel Aviv sent this. The family is Ok. However, some in the wider circle , we lost people. And many are called to active service. Here in Tel-Aviv we are relatively safe. As a military observer you would find it interesting to see how we adapted to at least 3-5 rocket attacks […]

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October 14, 2023

Thanks to Nan Silvernail for hosting an excellent eclipse party this morning, complete with a fine buffet and jujubes pie. Pleasant snacks and pleasant chat while a cosmic event took place above our heads, reminding us all to keep looking up.

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Luck Storm

October 12, 2023

This week I’ve been the victim of a bad luck storm, demonstrating that I shouldn’t be around animals, electronics, or machinery. Sunday I got bit by a dog. A woman was walking her two dogs in the park, and I passed them at a respectful distance. Then the smaller dog came at me like a […]

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I Bitch Nicely France

October 10, 2023

When I mentioned in the last post that The Green Leopard Plague was reviewed in Le Monde, loyal reader Guillaume Jay retrieved the (rather short) review from the Bibliotek National, along with another, more comprehensive review from Liberátion, a translation of which I append below. I used Google Translate, which broke the text into about 100 paragraphs, mostly […]

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Still the Beste Peste

October 9, 2023

Jean-Daniel’s translation of “The Green Leopard Plague” was reviewed in Le Monde on the 7th. I am beginning to be impressed by myself. It was behind a paywall, so I don’t know what it said. If any of you have an online subscription, could you copy it and send it my way?

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The In Crowd

September 30, 2023

Standing before one of the secret doors in the library, it’s this year’s Rio Hondo workshop: Walter Jon Williams, Kim Jollow Zimring, Rosemary Claire Smith, Diana Rowland, Michaela Roessner, Barbara Ferrer, Alan Smale, Alex Jablokow, Rick Wilber, David D. Levine, Oz Drummond, Rachel Swirsky. Together we survived high altitude, high tea, and a week’s worth […]

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Truchas Sunset

September 29, 2023
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Getting High

September 28, 2023

Rio Hondo I think may fairly claim to be the only writers’ workshop to offer high tea. Nor was this my idea. Oz, Alan, Barb, and Rosie put this together while I paying attention to other things. We had scones, cucumber sandwiches, crumpets, and trifle, accompanied by various teas, clotted cream, double cream, jams, and […]

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Wilt Thou, Walter, Take This Library . . .

September 26, 2023

This week is the Rio Hondo workshop, and we are at Truchas Peaks Place in Truchas, NM. The top floor is composed of a library, complete with hidden doors and secret rooms. Perhaps I am in love.

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Starr Time

September 22, 2023

The other night we went to see Sir Richard Starkey, MBE, and his charming little orchestra. He achieved worldwide headlines by tripping and falling during his final song, but I blinked and missed it. I hope I’m that spry when I’m 83.

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