And Then I Said No

August 12, 2014

So . . . the other day I said no to a contract from a major New York publisher. Not that it was a terrific offer or anything.  There didn’t seem to be a lot of enthusiasm, the money wasn’t great, and the contract was non-negotiable. (Non-negotiable contracts are a thing now.  Because publishers are […]

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Stripping the DRM

August 4, 2014

I need to bust me some DRM. It’s the DRM on my own work, I hasten to add.  My publishers have ebook rights for North America on some titles, but I control the rights elsewhere.  Easiest way for me to exploit these rights is to strip the DRM from the North American ebooks, then put […]

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I Am At Bubonicon

August 1, 2014

I am at Bubonicon 46, New Mexico’s longest-lasting science fiction convention.  (It’s lasted nearly as long as I have.) So I’ll be in Albuquerque for the weekend, hanging out with convention mascot Perry Rodent (pictured right), and therefore not posting for a while. If you’re in the Greater New Mexico area, please come by the […]

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I Haz a Newsletter

August 1, 2014

So now I’ve got a newsletter, to which I urge you to subscribe.  Because though the same announcements will probably appear here, the newsletter will turn up in your inbox instantly, and you won’t have to even turn on your browser. I promise not to send you a whole lot of crappy spam.  Or even non-crappy […]

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Double Vision

July 30, 2014

Two covers for the Italian translation of my story “Reincarnation Day,” by the artist Tiziano Cremonini. I’m sure you’ve all read the story so many times that you’re practically memorized it, but if it’s somehow escaped your attention, it’s about a society in which children raised in a virtual environment are incarnated in physical bodies […]

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Three Beautiful Words

July 29, 2014

Creationist Ken Hamm believes that all aliens are going to hell, because they haven’t met Jesus personally or something. Neil deGrasse Tyson has something to say about that.

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July 26, 2014

Amazon has admitted to a second quarter loss of $126 million.  Which is not a lot on revenues of over $19 billion, but nevertheless it’s bad news for Hachette and any other Amazon suppliers, because it means Amazon is going to be squeezing every last little penny out of their suppliers, and coming up with […]

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News From the Doughnut

July 25, 2014

New details from the Doughnut, which is to say the second-largest European public building project of all time, which is to say the Cheltenham headquarters of GCHQ, the British equivalent of the NSA. (I should admit that these details are more than a week old, I just haven’t had a chance to comment till now. […]

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Stuff On The Market

July 24, 2014

So here we have Gaby Moreno, Hugh Laurie, and the rest of the Copper Bottom Band performing “The Weed Smoker’s Dream” with the original lyrics.  Hugh Laurie does some fooling about after the song is over.  The video is amateur and pretty well looks it. Originally recorded by the Harlem Hamfats in 1936, the song […]

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July 18, 2014

Hear the agonized cries of the science fiction writers who, on release of a new paper by Stephen Hawking, must now revise the fundamentals of their future world.

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