Centaur In Your Stocking

by wjw on December 24, 2011


One reason I haven’t been posting much this week is that I’ve been laboring to get the ebook of Knight Moves, my Philip K Dick nominee, available for your reading pleasure.

I’m pleased to report that though I did my job, the book is currently available only on Smashwords.   I guess it’ll be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble whenever their staff returns from their holiday break.

However, Smashwords does have it available on whatever format you could possibly desire, so if you have a Kindle, a Nook, a Sony Reader, a Kobo, or some weird old piece of crap that will only read PDFs, you can find it there.

“Wow!” I can hear you saying.  “Is that the original cover by the incredibly talented artist Stephen Hickman?”

Why yes, it is.  Mr. Hickman and I made an arrangement.  (And since my name and the title are worked into the design, he could scarcely sell the painting to anyone else.)

Two things about the art.  First, it dates the work to a time when liquid-crystal displays were really cutting edge.  And second, I’ve always enjoyed the resemblance between Philodice the centaur and one of my oldest friends, the writer Constance Ash.  Except that, y’know, she’s not a quadruped or anything.

Happy reading!

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