Good Merlinpeen To All

by wjw on December 24, 2011

This is a not-particularly-brilliant photo of this year’s Merlinpeen tree.  I must admit that I was on my second margarita when I took it.

I hope you all enjoy this year’s Festival of Mouth Pleasures, or— if you happen not to share my Verdukian faith— a wonderful Christmas, a joyous Festival of Lights, a riotous Saturnalia, delightful Daft Days, a glorious reemergence of Amaterasu, a good Biewe Festival, a mickle Maidyarem, a memorable citrus bath at Donzhi, a great Goru, a joyous Junkanoo, a colossal Koleda, a wicked Wren Day, a ferocious Festival of the Wild Women (sounds interesting!), a mighty Makara Sankrati, a copacetic Mummer’s Day, a super Chab-e Chellah, a supercalifragilistic Sanghamitta Day, a beautiful Burning of the Clocks, a lovely Soyalanwui, and a zingy Ziemassvetki.

(Man!  Being inclusive is work!)

Good night and good flossing to all.

(And may I just say that my friends are deeply cool?  Here I’ve been handing out presents and hugs and saying “Good Merlinpeen,” and they’ve been nodding and smiling and saying “Thank you,” as if they had a clue in hell what I was talking about.)

grs1961 December 25, 2011 at 10:37 am

When I get a picture like that I always point out “the camera has been drinking, not me.”

Shash December 25, 2011 at 6:59 pm

I am deeply disappointed* that you missed mentioning Festivus. Nonetheless, may you and Kathy have a happy wonderful merry.


*Not really, I just learned about this Seinfeld holiday last year myself.

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