Making the Holidays Even Brighter

by wjw on December 26, 2011

By now I trust you’ve all had the chance to open your holiday presents, eat your holiday meals, and belch your holiday belches.  By now you’re all sitting bemused about the tree amid piles of wrapping paper and ribbon, while 95-proof eggnog does triple axels in your head.  And you’re probably asking yourself, What next?

Well, if you happen to be one of the 4,000,000+ people who got a Kindle this holiday season, or the many others who received iPads or Nooks or Kobos or other readers, I am here to offer you an answer to your question.

What you need to do now is download a bunch of my books!

Here’s a complete list of my available ebooks, complete with easy-to-click links.  Happy reading!



Dread Empire’s Fall

  • THE PRAXIS, first book of Dread Empire’s Fall [kindle]

  • THE SUNDERING, second book of Dread Empire’s Fall [kindle]

  • CONVENTIONS OF WAR, third book of Dread Empire’s Fall [kindle]



Star Wars



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