by wjw on May 4, 2018

I few nights ago, I woke from a really scary nightmare.

I don’t remember the dream at all, which is a shame, because judging from my reaction to it, it would have made an excellent premise for a fright film.  At any rate, I woke very suddenly, with my heart pounding and my eyes wide with terror.

Plus, my scalp was crawling.  As in: all the muscles in my scalp (and apparently there are a lot of them) were involved in a tug-of-war to try to decide where my new hairline was going to be.

My scalp crawled.  I always thought that was a metaphor!

My scalp has never crawled before, and I hope it never does again.

After a while my scalp calmed down, along with the rest of me, and I rolled over, went back to sleep, and promptly forget whatever had caused the fright.

So, how many of your scalps have crawled?  Or any other parts of you?  I can’t remember experiencing a sensation quite like this before.

Margot Otway May 7, 2018 at 3:57 pm

Gray’s Anatomy confirms what my fingers find: there aren’t any subcutaneous muscles over the dome of the scalp, beyond the margins of the frontalis, occipitalis, and temporalis muscles.

But so far as I can find, scalp hairs have arrector pili muscles like other hairs, so maybe they cause of the sensation — your body is trying to make those hairs stand on end along with the rest, to make you big & intimidating.

Deborah Roggie May 8, 2018 at 10:26 am

Can’t help you with the crawling scalp, but I did see red once. Someone got me so angry (I was in a service job and just had to take it), that a red film came over my vision for a few moments. I’d thought that was just a metaphor, but nope, it’s a real thing.

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