Five by Five

by wjw on September 10, 2022

The fifth of my Privateers & Gentlemen series is now available as an audio book. read by the estimable Bronson Pinchot. It may be available only on Audible for the next 90 days or so, but that rule does not seem universally enforced.

The Tern Schooner is appearing as if it’s the final book in the series, which it is not. Under its original title, The Yankee, it was published second. According to internal chronology it’s either third or fourth, depending on how you count these things. At any rate you should read (or listen) to it before you approach Cat Island, which is the last published and which deals with the same protagonist, and which assumes that you’re already familiar with him and his household.

If you’re interested, you may look up an essay I wrote about The Tern Schooner when it was re-released as an ebook.

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