Be in my Book!

by wjw on March 17, 2006

I’m donating two items to an online auction for the Clarion Writers’ Workshop.

#1. Be in my book! The winner of the auction will have his or her name used for a character in my next work of fiction. (I do not yet know what that work of fiction will be, it depends entirely on what sells next.) Anyone bidding should be aware that the character may not have the best moral character, and may come to a sticky end.

This is your chance for literary immortality!

#2. One-of-a-kind manuscript! I’m offering the original manuscript for my latest novel, Conventions of War. This manuscript is somewhat different from the published version, and exists only in this manuscript form (I don’t even have digital backups of this version).

The manuscript is a bit battered, having been shipped to New York and back, and then having dropped off my office shelf. I do not believe there are any actual footprints on it, but I would be willing to step on a few pages at any new owner’s behest.

I include a cover letter signed by me. The title page is missing. The manuscript also features light edits by Harper editor Diana Gill.

The auction begins on April Fool’s Day.

For information on the auction, as well as a list of the many cool items offered, check out the Clarion Foundation Auction Page.

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