Adventure Diary

Walter’s Adventure Diary

It’s been my practice all my adult life to work hard and play hard. And sometimes, when I’m playing, I write things down.

Don’t look to these diaries for any serious analysis or profound discussions of events. I save that for novels and stories. When I’m writing a trip log I mostly fling down hasty notes in between excursions, simply to get down descriptions before I forget anything. So while you may recognize some settings for such stories as “The Green Leopard Plague” and “The Tang Dynasty Underwater Pyramid,” you’ll find the descriptions not nearly as crafted as you’ll find them in my fiction.

Also, this page is very much a work in progress, so keep checking for updates.

My adventures tend to fit into several obvious catagories.


Totality in Curaçao ( Mardi Gras, A Total Eclipse of the Sun, and diving in Curaçao, February 1998)
Yidianr Dongxi (Trip to Hong Kong, Macau, and Xi’an in February 2003)
Eclipse in Turkey (A series of photos of the solar eclipse taken on March 29, 2006, from Side, Turkey.)


Pictures of Palau (Diving trip to Palau, Spring 2002)

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