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Historical novels (originally as “Jon Williams”):

Short fiction:

  • Side Effects” THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, June 1985. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, 3rd Collection, Bluejay, 1986
  • “Sarah Runs the Weasel,” OMNI, serialized March-April 1986
  • “Panzerboy” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, April 1986
  • “Video Star,” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, July 1986. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, 4th Collection, St. Martin’s, 1987. Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Amazon Baen
  • “Wolf Time,” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, January 1987.Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Smashwords,Baen
  • Witness” WILD CARDS (original anthology), ed. George RR Martin, Bantam Books, January 1987Nebula nominee
  • “Unto the Sixth Generation,” ACES HIGH (original anthology), ed. George RR Martin, Bantam Books, April 1987
  • Dinosaurs” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, June 1987. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, 5th Collection, St. Martin’s, 1988 Hugo nominee Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Baen, and Smashwords
  • “Ligdan and the Young Pretender,” GUNS OF DARKNESS, ed. J.E. Pournelle, June 1987
  • “Surfacing” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, April 1988. Hugo and Nebula nominee. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, 6th Collection, St. Martin’s, 1989. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Baen, Smashwords
  • Consequences” CALL TO BATTLE, ed. Jerry Pournelle, September 1988. Also in LIAVEK: FESTIVAL WEEK, Ed. Shetterly and Bull, Ace, May 1990
  • Flatline” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, August 1988. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, 6th Collection, St. Martin’s, 1989
  • The Bob Dylan Solution” ABORIGINAL SF, September-October 1989
  • “Mortality” DOWN AND DIRTY (original anthology), ed. George RR Martin, Bantam Books, December 1988
  • Solip:System” (special edition hardback novelette), Axolotl Press, October, 1989. Reprinted in ASIMOV’s, August 1990
  • WILD CARDS: ACE IN THE HOLE, (collaborative mosaic novel w/Martin, Snodgrass, etc.). Bantam, February 1990. 11
  • No Spot of Ground” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, November 1989, and WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN, v.II, Benford & Greenberg, Bantam. Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Kobo  Smashwords
  • “Prayers on the Wind” WHEN THE MUSIC’S OVER, ed. Lewis Shiner, Bantam, May 1991. Reprinted YEAR’S BEST SF, Ninth Annual Collection, St. Martin’s, 1992.  Nebula  nominee
  • “Erogenoscape” ISAAC ASIMOV’S SF MAGAZINE, November 1991
  • “When Night’s Black Agents to Their Preys Do Rouse,” WILD CARDS IX: JOKERTOWN SHUFFLE, ed. George RR Martin, Bantam, September 1991
  • WILD CARDS XI: DEALER’S CHOICE, (collaborative mosaic novel w/Martin, Bryant, etc.) Bantam, November 1992
  • “Wall, Stone, Craft” Axolotl Press Special Edition, Sept 1993. Reprinted in ASIMOV’S, October 1993. Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy Award nominee. Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Baen
  • “Feeding Frenzy” WILD CARDS: MARKED CARDS, ed. George RR Martin, Baen, March 1994
  • “Red Elvis” ALTERNATE OUTLAWS, ed. Mike Resnick, Tor, October 1994
  • “Broadway Johnny” WARRIORS OF BLOOD AND DREAM, ed. Roger Zelazny, Avon, June 1995
  • “Woundhealer” AN ARMORY OF SWORDS, ed. Fred Saberhagen, Tor, June 1995
  • “Foreign Devils” ASIMOV’S, January 1996
  • “Lethe” ASIMOV’S September 1997. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, FIFTEENTH ANNUAL COLLECTION, ed. Dozois, 1998.  Nebula nominee
  • “The Picture Business” ASIMOV’S, February 1998
  • Daddy’s World” NOT OF WOMAN BORN, ed. Constance Ash, Roc, March 1999. Reprinted in YEAR’S BEST SF, SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL COLLECTION, ed. Dozois, 2000.  Free at Smashwords. $0.99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Nebula winner.
  • Argonautica” (novella), ASIMOV’S, October-November 1999.  Nebula nominee
  • “The Stolen Command” (shorter stand-alone version of “Argonautica”), THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF MEN O’ WAR: STORIES FROM THE GLORY DAYS OF SAIL, ed. Mike Ashley, Carrol and Graf, 1999
  • “Tauromachia” (collaboration with Daniel Abraham, Michaela Roessner, Sage Walker), EventHorizon online magazine, reprinted in ASIMOV’S, November 2000
  • The Last Ride of German FreddieWORLDS THAT WEREN’T (ed. Laura-Anne Gilman), Roc, July 2002 [kindle]
  • The Millennium Party”, August 2002
  • “Ylesia” (New Jedi Order), Sept 2002 [ebook] [kindle]
  • “Margaux” (“Dread Empire” sequence, self-contained excerpt from THE PRAXIS), ASIMOV’S, May 2003
  • “The Green Leopard Plague” ASIMOV’S, October-November 2003. Hugo nominee, Nebula winner.
  • “The Tang Dynasty Underwater Pyramid”, August 4, 2004. Declared a Million Writers Award Notable Story of 2004 by StorySouth.  [Amazon] [Barnes & Noble] [Smashwords]
  • “Investments” (original short novel in “Dread Empire” sequence) BETWEEN WORLDS, ed. Roberg Silverberg, Science Fiction Book Club, August 2004. [kindle] [nook] [Smashwords]
  • “Logs” (“Dread Empire” sequence, self-contained excerpt from CONVENTIONS OF WAR), Aeon Speculative Fiction, Issue One, October 2004
  • “Solidarity” (‘Dread Empire’ sequence, self-contained excerpt from CONVENTIONS OF WAR, ASIMOV’S, April-May 2005
  • THE STICKPIN” amazon short, August 2005
  • “Incarnation Day” ESCAPE FROM EARTH, ed. Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois, SFBC, August 2006
  • “Womb of Every World” ALIEN CRIMES, ed. Mike Resnick, SFBC, April 2007
  • “Send Them Flowers” THE NEW SPACE OPERA, ed. Jonathan Strahan and Gardner Dozois, Harper Eos, June 2007
  • “Pinocchio” THE STARRY RIFT, ed. Jonathan Strahan, Viking, December 2007
  • “Abrizonde,” SONGS OF THE DYING EARTH, ed. George RR Martin & Gardner Dozois, Subterranean 2009.  [kindle]  [audio book]
  • “The Fate Line,” GOLDEN REFLECTIONS, ed. Joan Saberhagen and Robert Vardeman, Baen February 2011.
  • “The Boolean Gate” Subterranean Press chapbook, October 2012.  Ebook available on  AppleAmazonSmashwordsGoogleKobo, and Barnes & Noble.
  • “The Golden Age,” DEAD MAN’S HAND, ed. John Joseph Adams, Titan Books, May 2014.
  • “Diamonds From Tequila,” ROGUES, ed. George RR Martin, Bantam, June 2014.
  • “Road Kill,” LOWBALL: A WILD CARDS NOVEL Ed. George RR Martin, Melinda Snodgrass, Tor, Nov. 2014.
  • “Prompt. Professional.  Pop!” (Wild Cards),, Nov 2014.
  • “The Venetian Dialectic,” THE CHANGE, ed. SM Stirling, Roc, June 2015
  • “West.  World.”  HIGH NOON ON PROXIMA B, ed. David Boop, Baen, February 2023.


  • PRIVATEERS AND GENTLEMEN, Fantasy Games, 1981
  • PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, Baen Games, 1984?
  • HARDWIRED, R. Talsorian Games, 1990
  • LASTCALLPOKER (co-writer), 4orty2wo Entertainment, 2005
  • SPORE, (dialog) Electronic Arts, Sept 2008.


  • “Science Fiction Village” essay, ASIMOV’S, July 2005


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