Self-Published— At Last!

by wjw on November 21, 2006

After nearly thirty years as a full-time writer, I’ve finally become self-published!

For my amusement, and that of my friends, I’ve put together the Walter Jon Williams/Kathy Hedges Calendar for 2007, featuring photos taken during our journey to Turkey in March and April.

It’s full-color, 13.5 inches by 19.00 inches, features a complete list of U.S., Canadian, and Mexican holidays, and is in all respects a proper calendar. And it’s got really pretty pictures!

Devoted as I am to art rather than profit, I make absolutely no money on this. I just did it for giggles.

But since you’ve got to buy a calendar anyway, you might as well buy this one. Right?

Pete Tillman November 27, 2006 at 4:58 am


This looks amazingly like the Pajarito Plateau, or Georgia O’Keeffe’s “white place” (near the mosque) in the Chama River country. Not surprisingly, since the geology is similar.

Nice photo. I suppose you were in a balloon, too?

Cheers — Pete Tillman

dubjay November 27, 2006 at 10:45 pm

I was indeed in a balloon, and I took something like 100 fantastic photos of hoodoo spires and troglodyte castles, of which I’ve culled the best for the calendar.

I had no idea there was a mosque in the Chama River country. Who does it serve, I wonder?

Peter D. Tillman April 29, 2007 at 4:44 am

It’s quite a lovely building, designed by a famous Egyptian architect:

I’ve never been inside — apparently you need reservations.

And if you’ve never been to the White Place — well, you should. Very cool place:

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