Who Knew?

by wjw on March 24, 2007

So I have now discovered a previously unknown demographic: that strange and heretofore occult overlap between the fans of science fiction and professional ice hockey.

Yes, my signing at the New Mexico Scorpions game was a success! (Or at least, a success in the category: previous signings with me in them, not taking place at an SF convention.) I sold enough books to pay for my gas, the fast food I purchased at the concessions stands, and had enough left over for a margarita or two.

Plus the game was fun. I haven’t seen a live hockey game since I left Minnesota at the age of 13— I mean, hockey in the desert, isn’t that at least a little weird?— so I’d forgotten how much action there is in hockey compared with other major sports. Never mind the home team got humiliated with an 8-3 loss. I had nothing at stake.

Do publishers know about this new demographic? Is there some way we can enlighten them?

HaloJonesFan March 27, 2007 at 5:36 pm

Perhaps John Ringo could advertise at hockey games. It takes a…certain frame of mind to appreciate that guy’s books, and I expect that repeatedly slamming your head into a plexiglass wall would achieve that end. (bah-dum BOOM)

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