From the Mountain

by wjw on June 12, 2007


“Steak Tartare and the Cats of Gari Babakin Station,” by Mary Turzillo.
Novel excerpt by Karen Joy Fowler.

Because we had no power, we ate out. By all accounts, the trout, the duck fajitas, and the mango chicken enchiladas were all very good.

“Emperor of the Clouds,” by Geoff Landis
Excerpt from Implied Spaces, by Walter

By Walter:
Shrimp and/or hearts of palm in remoulade sauce.
Black roux gumbo a la Chef Francoise Auclaire le Vison.
French bread.
Chocolate torte by Miss Leslie.

Novelette by L Timmel Duchamp. (The title has flown my mind.)
Excerpt from The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham.

Margaritas by Walter
Ginger chocolate chip cookies by Jay.
Tibetan momos by Jay
Roast vegetables by Maureen.
Tossed salad by Mary
Dessert by ??? (by Friday all energy and memory had gone)

We rested, except for shopping in Taos.
Due to a heavy storm, we ate leftovers, buffalo burgers or omelettes or more momos or other stuff.

Energy and memory has not yet returned. I am shopping for a new tractor, and a new plot.

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