The Starry Rift

by wjw on April 21, 2008

After a rather long time in production— something like four years— The Starry Rift is finally available in this country!
This is an anthology to which I’d contributed ages ago. Now you can finally read my story “Pinocchio.”
If chasing down a story by me doesn’t appeal to you, consider that you’re also chasing stories by Kelly Link, Cory Doctorow, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Ken McLeod, Neil Gaiman, Ann Halan (Gwyneth Jones) and other fine writers.
The Starry Rift is intended as a YA anthology, but there aren’t any stories that grownups won’t enjoy. I don’ t think any of us are writing down to our audience.
Editor Jonathan Strahan has set up a web site full of interviews, promotions and other items of interest.
I’ll leave the last word to Booklist:
“Booklist, May 15
*The Starry Rift: Tales of New Tomorrows. Ed. by Jonathan Strahan. (Viking
“Veteran science fiction editor Strahan brings together an exemplary
collection of sixteen science fiction stories from a group of well-known and
undeniably talented writers. The first story, Scott Westerfeld’s “Ass-Hat
Magic Spider,” is accompanied by one original and engrossing story after
another, written by authors from both the teen and adult markets, including
Ann Halam, Neil Gaiman, Cory Doctorow, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Iain McDonald,
Margo Lanagan, Garth Nix, and Walter Jon Williams. Each story is followed by
a brief biographical sketch and an author’s note that shares something about
the story, such as its inspiration. The diverse collection’s subjects range
from full-immersion gaming to the quantum physics expression of time; from
clan wars in a high-tech India to cyborg space pirates and lobotomized
slaves. Some stories address real-world matters such as love, loss, and
abuse. Westerfeld’s asks the question: “What possession would it be worth
diminishing your own body to keep?” Gaiman’s story is told exclusively in
answers. A real winner with no weak links, this will delightfully engage the
minds of older teen readers, and not just those who already read the genre.”

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