by wjw on October 29, 2008

We have spent the day surrounded by towering mountains, glacier-fed lakes, and douglas fir.
This is a picture of Bow Lake, which is distinct from the other Bow Lake, and also from Lac d’Arc, which means “Bow Lake” in French. (Though Kathy’s theory was that Joan of Arc’s family moved here, and the lake was named after them.)
The lake water is actually a bright blue-green turquoise color. This is because glaciers are full of finely-ground rock called “stone flour,” which is carried by the water and which absorbs all colors except the turqoise.
We also spent time at another glacier-fed lake called Lake Louise. If you’ve ever seen a tourist brochure of Canada, the odds are good that Lake Louise was on it.
The perfect reflective water made Bow Lake tops on our list, though.
Jvstin Tomorrow October 29, 2008 at 9:37 am

I was up in that area of Canada in 2006. It’s achingly beautiful country.

We went so early in the year (May) that some of the lakes were still partially frozen, so we didn’t get those nice reflections that you did.


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