Spitting Droid = Missile Deterrent

by wjw on December 10, 2008

The Defense Missile Agency has released a video of the hover test of Lockheed’s new Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV-L), a device intended to swat down a swarm of incoming missiles and accompanying decoys by firing multiple kinetic projectiles— knocking them down with big bullets, essentially.

The MKV would have to hover in space, continually reorient itself as it locked onto new targets, and spit out vast numbers of projectiles.

The video shows they’ve got the hovering part down, at least.

The video, though genuine, looks weirdly like pretty good CGI.

Ares notes that the device bears a weird resemblance to the hovering droid that that spat out bolts at Luke Skywalker during his lightsaber training.

Except noisier.

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