Man of the Year

by wjw on January 20, 2009

Can I just pause for a moment and express my relief that we now have a president who speaks my language?
By which I mean English.
I was not an early Obama supporter (in my hopeless, quixotic way, I liked Bill Richardson, whose campaign has now ended in a grand jury investigation), but my modest late conversion to the Obama cause may give me certain advantages. I don’t think the man walks on water, I don’t think he can wave a magic wand and make the badness go away, and I think he will make a lot of mistakes before he finds his feet.
But when I consider that I was born in an era when Jim Crow ruled vast areas of the country, and when the 82nd Airborne had to be sent into American cities to secure children of color the right to attend high school, I have to freakin’ marvel at the path this nation has taken.
I mean, our president is a self-identifying black man who’s named Barack Hussein Obama! How cool is that?
So, for the moment, I am happy to bask in my nation’s glory.
And meanwhile, I would like to offer a prayer to our new president.
Please, Mr. Obama, please sir, please please please pleeeeeeeaase . . . Don’t Fuck Up.
dubjay February 6, 2009 at 11:47 pm

On to more cheerful topics:

While there are a lot of reasons for the downturn, and the Great Big Pile of Money theory sounds fine, I still have to hang onto the notion that a Whole Buncha People Committing Fraud made the thing a lot worse.

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