Got Fab?

by wjw on November 25, 2009

Okay, so it’s a kit. You may have to do some soldering.

But it’s still a 3D printer for your home. For only $750.00.
I’d buy one if I were you. You can earn the money back in just a few weeks by selling phony IDs printed on your new machine.
Kit includes:
* The lasercut parts to assemble a CupCake CNC machine.
* 3 x NEMA 17 motors to drive your machine
* The nuts, bolts, and various hardware to assemble it.
* The belts and pulleys for it to move things around.
* All the bearings to make your machine nice and smooth.
* The highest quality precision ground shafts for the X and Y axes we could find.
* Fully assembled 3rd Generation Electronics to drive it better, faster, and stronger.
* A magnetized, detachable build platform to make removing your finished prints easier.
* A pinch-wheel Plastruder to make things in plastic with.
* 1lb of ABS plastic to get you started printing.
* Allen keys to make it easy to put together

What more do you need?

Lance Larka December 8, 2009 at 12:35 am

"What more do you need?"

Creativity 🙂

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